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How to avoid injuries!

Prevention is better than cure
LTA Osteopath Sophie Scott describes where, and how we get injured, and how to avoid it.

The most common tennis injuries are as follows:
Shoulder, elbow, wrist, abdomen, lower back, knee and ankle.
So what can we do to protect these areas?
1. Think about environmental risk factors:
– Equipment: racket (grip, weight, tension), shoes, balls
– Playing surface: changing surfaces
– Climate: head= dehydration
– Training intensity duration and frequency
– Warm up (stretching)
– Cool down and recovery
2. Think about individual risk factors
– Age (risk of injury increases with age)
– Growth
– Skill level
– Biomechanics ­ how your body is made up
3. Top ten tips
– Correct equipment ­ seek advice!
– Respect the environment! Stagger your exposure
– Good technique ­ don¹t develop bad habits
– Structured approach to training
– Optimal fitness leads to optimal performance
– Growth: expect and respect growth
– Warm up: aerobic, dynamic stretch, tennis specific
– Cool down: aerobic, dynamic and passive stretching
– Recovery: fluid, nutrition, ice, massage
– Referral: physiotherpist and/or GP
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