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LWTC Junior Summer box league results and sign up for winter league

Over the summer months we ran our first ever junior box leagues at LWTC. Over 30 of our junior players took part in matches within the various age groups and below you will find the final results for all the different boxes (coming soon).

Thank you to everyone who took part in the boxes and well done to everyone who managed to play matches even if they only played one! All of these results have been sent in to the LTA so that they will count towards ratings.

The idea behind the box leagues is to encourage our juniors to play matches on a more regular basis so we are going to set up new boxes to run over the winter months. I hope that your children will all consider giving it another go! There will be trophies at stake this time round and they will have until the end of March to play their matches. So email me on gill@gillmason.com to sign up (before the end of November please) letting me know your child’s name, contact details and age group (see attached sheet if you are not sure which age group you fall into).

We do also plan to run a series of junior match play events over the course of 2011 to give all the age groups a chance to get together for a mini tournament once every half term. The dates for these events will be emailed round soon so that you can get them in your diaries.

Well done again to all the juniors who took part in the summer boxes.

Gill Mason, on behalf of LWTC

Download the: Age groups conversion chart



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