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Online court booking

Court booking screen

Court booking screen

We are now trialling using Google Calendars as an online booking system for the tennis courts at Lower Windrush Tennis Club. We hope this will be much easier for everyone, particularly for those who live some distance from the courts and therefore can’t just pop down to book a court.

So, from the start of February, to book a tennis court, you will need to go to:

http://www.google.com/calendar and sign in with the details you have been provided with on joining. If you have not got the details, please ask a member of the committee. Please note, if you have another Google account, you will need to sign in with a separate account i.e. logout first and then sign in with the lwtc details.

When you sign in, you will be faced with a calendar screen. To book a court, simply click and hold on the initial timeslot you want and drag your mouse over the period that you want the event to span. When you release your mouse a box will pop up. Into this you put the names of the players, a phone number, and you select which court you want to book. Press “create event“, and you are done.

A few notes:

  • Blue bookings are for court 1, red for court 2, and green for court 3
  • This is a not a dedicated booking system. We are using a calendar rather than a booking system (and thereby saving £40 a month). So, please do not touch other people’s bookings.
  • Please do not use ‘repeat events’. Bookings should not be made more than one weeks in advance.
  • We ask people to include the name of players and guests. Currently there is a charge for guests and this will make it easier for the committee to keep track of this.
  • Advanced bookings: you may book a week in advance. So, if you play on a monday evening from 8-8.30 you may book that slot for the next week, as soon as the slot is finished. There is no function to police this in the system, we are relying on everyone’s honesty.
  • This replaces the paper booking system, it is not run in tandem.
  • For the few people who are unable to access the calendar because you do not have internet access, the committee are happy to book courts on your behalf. Please call one of the committee members to book a court.
  • In the event that two sets of players think that they have booked the same court, there will no longer be a paper booking sheet at the courts to consult. So, players may wish to print out the calendar as proof of reservation. Alternatively, the calendar can be accessed via most smartphones (if they have internet access at the courts).


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