Court Booking

  • Courts are booked via the online booking system.
  • Playing sessions last for one hour beginning on the hour.
  • Booking sheets for the courts are displayed in the shelter and run from Mon – Sun.
  • All pre booked club sessions are displayed on these sheets.
  • Two bookings – i.e. two playing sessions (1 hour per session) – may be booked in advance in any one week for play on different days. However, if a court is vacant, members may use the court. The booking sheet should not be completed, as it was not pre-booked. Members can play on the court until the playing session has expired.
  • Except at club sessions when tennis balls are provided, members supply their own.
  • Appropriate sports attire and tennis shoes or trainers should be worn.
  • The nets must be lowered slightly after use.

Use of Floodlights

  • Tokens for the floodlights, costing £2.00 per half hour per court, can be obtained from any Committee Member.
  • The switch for the shelter light is located on the right hand wall of the shelter under the meters – This is timed for 2 minutes
  • Put a token in the appropriate meter (i.e. Court One, two or three as marked) – Light will be bright after three minutes
  • No money at all should be inserted into the meters – only tokens
  • The clock will display the time. The green light on the post to the left of the shelter will light up 5 minutes before the end of your hour. If you wish to continue playing for another hour then immediately put another token in the meter.
  • If the lights go off then you must wait 15 minutes before using another token
  • Once the floodlights turn off, a spotlight will shine towards the gate to show the way out. This light will remain on for 4 minutes
  • Floodlights may be used as follows:

Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday – Up until 9.00pm
Wednesday,Thursday, Friday – Up until 10.00pm


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