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Shirley was a special woman
She had a tremendous love of life.
She always loved her family
And so adored her tennis life!

And those who are standing here today
Indeed many who do not?
Knew her for what she really was
A kind lady, always happy with her lot

Now when it came to the tennis club
It will come as no surprise
She held us all together
Made us great in all our strides

She graced the courts so often
Playing morning, night and day
For nothing made her happier
Than seeing her members play

She wanted the courts to be busy,
For little children to learn to play,
and she gave her time, to run the line
to help them on their way

And for those that pitched her at matches
And a victory they’d hope to get in
She plotted and she placed and played,
Until the battle she’ would win

Her name’s on all the trophies,
Over a span of many a year,
And later when she played no more
She always came to cheer

The juniors always loved her
They fought to give a win
Not just for their own victory
But what Shirley had created within

For she rarely missed event or match
No matter what their age
She clapped and nodded and willed you on
Until the next best stage

But probably, most importantly
She was always, always there
Talking, listening, patting arms
Showing that she cared

But let’s not just talk the court side
Let’s think the boardroom too!
For Shirley’s favourite private plan

Of course you didn’t know it
Your card was secretly marked
Whether pregnant, working, or new in town
Saying no was really hard

You see she had this special way
Of making you do her thing
She never raised her voice of course
But the message seemed to sing

At first she just wanted two courts,
Then floodlights so to see
Then she expressed, she wanted the best,
There just had to be lights and court three!

Alas there have been changes
Committees come and go
And like the monarch of our time
she ‘d seen them to and fro

She’d lost a couple of chairman,
A secretary or two
And when it came to coaches,
Well there has been really quite a few!

But never did it faze her
She worked with all the new
Her chief concern was always the club
And do the best there was to do

But like a real true champion,
She had members who were her fans
And for all she did for all the club
Mrs President we say ‘thanks’

In memory of Shirley Kermode



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